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Active Shooter Training

Are you looking for custom active shooter training for your business?

As Florida’s only dedicated tactical, self-defensive and force-on-force training organization, we have a simple, safe and effective solution to help start your active shooter training and preparation.


Active Shooter Training Violence on the Rise

Violence in the workplace is on the rise.

Active Shooter Training Security Plans

No matter what you call it (hate crime, terror attack, criminal activity, or even domestic violence) all organizations should have security plans in place.

Active Shooter Training Harden Your Defenses

Many places of business are soft targets, and it is our goal to harden your defenses by providing tailored training and consultation that meets your specific active shooter training needs.

The Truth about Active Shooters

  • The truth is that if a bad guy is really determined, then he will get into your organization.
  • If a bad guy is able to hurt you, he will.
  • Passive or stationary targets are easy victims.
  • Compliance is dangerous.
  • Submission to terrorists or active killers rarely pays off.
    • During the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting, students were advised by the university “Please stay put”. Students sat in their chairs as the killer shot one at a time.  He even reloaded and the kids just sat there waiting to be killed.
    • The Charleston Church victims begged for their lives but Roof coldly shot them.
  • Waiting for police is not a sufficient defense strategy.
  • Deadly force situations are often over before law enforcement arrives.
  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation found that 70% of the incidents it reviewed were finished in 5-minutes or less.

Why Reliance on Law Enforcement is Not Enough

Police often tell you that they will “protect schools, workplaces, places of worship, transportation centers, other public gathering sites, and communities”. They will also tell you that they will be the “first ones on the scene during an active shooter scenario”. These are both factually incorrect.

First, relying on the Police to protect you is unrealistic. It’s not because they don’t want to help, it’s simply because they can’t be everywhere all the time. The Police must respond after the shooting has started which is inherently reactive. This response, even with the best-case scenario, can take several minutes. Think about the carnage a determined killer can carry out during that time.

Second, Police are NOT “the first ones on the scene.” You are! In the hundreds of active shooter scenarios that Tactical Prep USA has conducted in businesses, government buildings, and places of worship, there are only two things that cause a killer to stop:

  1. The killer runs out of ammunition or the weapon malfunctions.
  2. The killer is neutralized either by an overwhelming physical assault or by another person with a firearm.
Active Shooter Training Law Enforcement

Does the Run, Fight, Hide Strategy Work?

There is nothing you can do to stop the killing short of physically stopping the killer. You can’t talk your way out of it. You can’t always RUN. You can’t always HIDE. And despite what the YouTube videos show, throwing staplers at them or hosing them with a fire extinguisher is not FIGHTING!

Active Shooter Training - Run Hide Fight

There is hope though. With the proper emergency planning you and your organization can better prevent and respond to an active shooter/killer. Doing nothing is no longer the only option!

How Can Tactical Prep Help?

Prior to the class we will have a brief meeting with your management team to discuss your overall plans and to determine what if any role legally armed employees will play.

We will provide a short initial assessment of your facility to help identify potential gaps.

We will provide a 1-hour group session teaching your employees the run/hide/fight method.

If you have employees who are legally armed, and if they volunteer for some basic Tactical/Firearms training, we can do a 2-hour defensive handgun course at your site.

  • This course will be tailored to your building and will cover the following skills:

    • Grip and stance

    • Forward and lateral movement

    • Using cover and concealment

    • Room clearing

    • Understanding law enforcement interactions.

After the training is complete we will run some active killer scenarios (with and without our simulated firearms) to test your employee’s ability to respond.

Note: If you are unfamiliar with Tactical Prep training we use simulated weapons designed for military and law enforcement training that function like real guns. Instead of shooting a bullet however they shoot a laser. This enables us to practice real life scenarios in your sanctuary, lobby, children’s area or even parking lot without any dangers or mess. This is the safest and most effective way to train!


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