The Armory

The Armory

Watch this video from The Outdoor Channel's "Elite Tactical Unit" series showcasing our equipment.

The key to our training  including advanced, stress-based, tactical and force on force training  is our gear. We provide ALL firearms and supplies for your training including both pistols and rifles.

Our non-projectile firearms use high tech infrared technology to allow you to conduct reality  based training anywhere or anytime without the dangers or mess of live fire training or paint projectiles. 

To increase realism, our optional pain belts provide real (not simulated) pain to those  participants who get shot.

Stop wasting time and money on safety equipment, ammunition/paint projectiles, and  prepping or cleaning your training locations.

Experience the stress of reality like you have never experienced before.

PISTOL (GLOCK 17 / 22)

  • Our non-projectile  training pistols are based on the Glock design which is one of the most popular pistols in the world which is standard issue for most law enforcement agencies.
  • The size, weight, function, and action are identical to an actual 9mm pistol. That means  it will fit in most standard holsters.
  • Like the rifle, the non-projectile pistols feature a bright muzzle flash, realistic noise and recoil, and real pistol action including a locking slide.
  • Our magazines are standard size and weight and can programmed to mimic 10, 15, and 17 round magazines that are commonly available today for pistols. This will allow you to practice ammunition conservation and quick and efficient magazine changes
Pistol - Glock 17 / 22

RIFLE (M4 / M16 / AR15)

  • Our non-projectile M4/M16/AR15 rifles replicate the feel and function of their live ammunition cousins. The simplicity and realism of our training rifles allows for fast and accurate training anywhere. 
  • Constructed of high quality cast aluminum making the training rifles nearly identical to an actual AR15/M4 in both weight and size.
  • We offer 16″ barrel lengths to match the standard length used by most civilians and professionals.
  • The selector switch allows the training rifle to operate in safe, single shot, and (when specifically set up for military or law enforcement scenarios) full auto.
  • The rifles feature a bright muzzle flash, live noise (about the sound of a real suppressed rifle) and realistic recoil.
  • Our magazines are standard size and weight and can be programmed to mimic 10, 20, 30, and 40 round magazines that are commonly available today. This will allow you to practice ammunition conservation and quick and efficient magazine changes.
  • Our rifles are outfitted with iron sights and optional red dot or holographic sights. In addition, you can set your training rifle up with any accessory you want. They accept all milspec sights, lights, stocks and other attachments.
Armory - Rifle


  • For “Force-on-Force” training, each user will wear a tactical vest that houses ten sensors for receiving your opponent’s shots.
  • Our MOLLE vests include 3 standard magazine pouches, or you can attach your own service pouches and add-ons, allowing for unlimited tactical configurations.
  • Depending on how you want to set it up, your vest can alert you that you have been shot, with illuminating sensors and audible beeps, or we can pair the vest to an optional pain belt for even more realistic training.
  • To account for head shots, we also provide adjustable headbands that can be mounted on your head, hat or helmet. Again, we can set up the head band to provide painless illumination and beeps, or we can have it activate the optional pain belt.
Tactical Vest and Head Band


  • Step up the intensity with stress-based training! Our pain belt delivers a safe penalty to the wearer when hit. It raises stress levels to simulate the stress you’ll experience when handling a real situation.
  • The pain belt has a variety of modes including vibration, and shock levels 1 through 5. Only the most hardened individuals can handle “level 5”!
  • Why use the optional pain belt? The underlying premise is that irrational fear can cause predictable fears to be leveraged to extract better of training value. In other words, the anxiety generated by the anticipation of the pain is more useful for training purposes than the actual pain itself.
Armory - Pain Belt