Weapon Strikes…. When, Where, Why?

Using your gun as an impact weapon makes sense when you’re either out of ammunition or your gun has malfunctioned and you have nothing to lose. It is a legitimate tactic to strike an attacker with your gun in extreme close quarters, particularly one that is empty or otherwise non-functional. After all, you’re holding a […]

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Two-Handed Pistol Retention Position

A two-handed retention position (sometimes called a high compressed ready) affords you the ability to fire from retention or anywhere along the path of arm extension. You can hit a target from several feet even to a few yards away from this position. Take one of our Self-Defense Pistol Classes to learn close quarters shooting […]

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Visualization Can Help You Survive

Professional athletes often use visualization to prepare for a game, match, etc…. As it relates to prevailing in an attack, visualization is a rather simple process. Simply envision yourself being attacked, then try to call up as much detail as possible of how you’re going to respond. You’d be surprised of how effective this type […]

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