Be Mentally Prepared

If you carry a gun, you don’t get to choose the circumstances under which you may be required to use it. Be mentally prepared to use deadly force even in extreme close quarters. Improve your survivability using reality based “force-on-force” training!

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Combat Mindset. Do you have it?

Mindset is important when talking about self-defense. You have no business carrying a gun if you haven’t committed to the idea that you may have to kill someone who poses an imminent threat of death or serious bodily injury. It’s a very bad idea to draw a gun as a “bluff” to “scare away the […]

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To Sul or Not to Sul?

Many Law Enforcement, Military and Tactical trainers argue about the purpose and need for the sul (or south) position.  At Tactical Preparation USA we have chosen to teach a modified safety position when you need to drop your muzzle into a safe position such as when a good guy inadvertently crosses in front of your […]

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When practicing for a life-threatening encounter don’t “expect to get punched, stabbed, shot, and so on”. This is a defeatist mentality! Instead anticipate that you may be injured and that the best way to survive and ultimately prevail is to focus on taking the attacker out of the fight rather worrying about being injured. Stay […]

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Can you Hit a Target at 5 feet?

Just about every study of law enforcement encounters shows that the large majority of officers killed with a firearm were between 0 and 5 feet from the attacker. Despite your due diligence, be prepared to respond to a threatening attacker inside your arm’s reach. Does your range training regimen prepare you for this? Come to […]

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Fight or flight?

The fight or flight response is programmed into our DNA and it cannot be suppressed. That being said, the negative aspects of this natural survival mechanism can be mitigated through realistic force-on-force training and scenarios.

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Don’t Be A Victim

As the good guy, you are not going around pointing a gun at an unsuspecting victim and demanding their money. You won’t be pressing the blade of a knife to the throat of a potential rape victim. On the contrary, as a good guy, you train because you recognize that one day you may find […]

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Gun Disarms in Close Quarters

A firearm is the most feared weapon at close quarters however, by their very nature, firearms are comparatively easy to deal with when you’re close enough to grab the gun. Unlike an edged weapon, such as a knife, there’s only one portion the firearm that is dangerous and that’s the muzzle. As long as you’re […]

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