Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is “Force on Force” or “Reality Based Training”?

Simply practicing shooting techniques and marksmanship drills is not enough.  That is why we specialize in reality based training and force on force scenarios. It’s important to understand the differences between training for precision vs. training for combat. Firing a weapon at the bullseye of a target requires a measure of concentration and fine motor skills. On the other hand, firing during combat is very different and involved many other factors. Reality based training can assist people in building dynamic combat skills and providing the crucial conditioning and stress inoculations needed to deliver lethal force when required.

2. Do you offer training for beginners?

Yes, non-projectile training is an excellent way to introduce beginners to firearms. Since we only offer non-projectile shooting, beginners (including mature children) can practice without the risk of injury to themselves or others. This also allows experienced shooters to coach their friends and family in gun safety and shooting techniques in a more enjoyable and stress free environment.

3. Do you offer training for experts?

One of the reasons we started Tactical Preparation USA Inc was because we could not find any reliable training opportunities locally to take ourselves. No matter what your skill level, you will progress through our training modules to learn the information, practice the skills, and ultimately test your ability and judgment using reality based training and realistic scenarios. The bottom line is that traditional ranges, gun clubs, and even tactical training can’t replicate the real-world scenarios that you will face in our training. It is our mission to help you practice so that you will prevail!

4. What is the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?

This guarantee is available for open enrollment classes including in person training, and any online webinars. Simply let us know that you were not satisfied and we will allow you to take another class of equal or lesser value at no charge or provide 100% refund using the same method of payment. Be aware that credit card refunds can take a couple of days to post onto your account.  Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is not available for classes when we travel to your site.

5. Can you offer training at my site?

A large portion of the training we do for professionals is offered at a site of their choice. The benefit of our training system is that it is 100% mobile and can be set up anywhere without any mess or without and danger to anyone including bystanders and onlookers.

6. Do you charge for travel to come to our site?

There are no travel costs for services and courses we offer in the Metro Orlando area or around 50 miles from area code 32801. This typically includes Orange County, Seminole County, Osceola County and most of Lake County.

For services and courses offered at greater distances we do incur additional travel expenses and will pass those travel costs through to you. This may include flights, hotels, mileage (IRS rate), tolls, per diem, and travel time. 

7. Do you offer weekend and evening training?

Yes. We do training on weekends and in the evenings. Almost all of our preparation and self-reliance classes are presented in the evenings. In addition, we will have periodic classes and open practice sessions available on evenings and weekends. To view our calendar, click here.

8. Are your instructor's certified?

Although most of our instructors are NRA or USCCA certified for pistol and rifle training, there really is no “certification” available for what we are teaching. For that reason, we have found people with amazing credentials, real world experience and a love for teaching. This includes current/ex-military, current/ex-law enforcement, and other experts in their field (medical, survival, self-reliance, self-defense, etc.).  The credibility and effectiveness of our training, rests in the hands of our instructors. For that reason, we take quality extremely serious and offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  To view a partial list and bio of our instructors click here.

9. What is your refund and cancellation policy?

Our refund and cancellation policies can be found by clicking here.

10. What forms of payment do we take?

We take Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover Card, check, cash and money orders. Our online transactions on  are done Authorize.net and are 128bit encrypted and secured for your safety.

11. Do you offer training in languages other than English?

No. We only offer courses in English. 

12. Are your training programs customizable?

All of our training programs can be customized. For onsite classes, you can expect your trainer to tailor the course to your groups specific needs, skills and scenarios. This flexibility is one of the benefits of using Tactical Preparation USA Inc.

13. Do you provide training certificates to attendees?

Our training does not certify you in anything, so providing a certificate is meaningless. We do however provide the most effective tactical and force on force training available. The only exception to this is when students take our Concealed Weapons License course. They will be provided a certificate upon completion that is used for the application.

14. Do you have a shooting range?

Yes, we have a shooting range that is only used for our concealed weapons license classes. Otherwise, we have a non-projectile shooting range that we use for our other tactical and force-on-force training. We think that this might be one of the first of its kind in the country. Since you will not be firing live ammunition you have the flexibility do things that most ranges will not allow.  Dealing with multiple targets, drawing from concealment, moving and shooting, finding cover and concealment, low light situations, rapid fire, etc. are all things that you can practice at our range without the risk of injury to yourself or others. This is an excellent way to introduce beginners to firearms. This is also an excellent opportunity for experienced shooters to practice the skills and maneuvers that are not possible at live fire ranges.

15. Do you offer live fire training?

Yes. Aside from our world class force-on-force training we have partnered with several reputable live fire training providers to offer quality tactical training using actual firearms.  Click here for more info.

16. Do I need to do live fire training in addition to your non-projectile training?

Yes of course. Everyone who works at Tactical Preparation USA Inc also practices with live fire. Although our firearms are extremely realistic and have a very similar look, feel and function as the live ammunition firing versions, you need to vary your practice routine to include live fire training.

17. Do you offer ladies only classes?

Yes. Periodically we offer classes for ladies only. Please check our calendar. Just so you know anyone is welcome in all of our classes as long as they are ready to train. From our experience, there is no need to separate the “ladies” from the “men”. Our instructors are so flexible that we can tailor the activities you are working on depending your skill set. It’s basically the Montessori school of firearms training. You can choose to work ahead on skills, or you can practice a skill that you have not mastered before moving on.  View our scheduled Ladies Classes here.

18. What are the age requirements?

If you ask most of our staff how old they were when they started to shoot they would likely all say they were children. With that said, we invite people of all ages including mature children to participate. If your child is not mentally or emotionally mature enough to participate in the class, or they are causing disruptions they’ll be asked to leave and there is no refund! Again, we want to train kids how to safely handle firearms but our training is no joke and we take it very seriously. We are also considering offering parent/child classes where you can work with your children on skills and drills. Please check our calendar for dates, click here.

19. Do you offer accommodations to people with disabilities?

Absolutely, the right to defend oneself is universal. We will do whatever it takes to get everyone to participate in the classes within the limitations each individual. Just let us know if you need any special accommodations so we can get it set up prior to the start of your class.

20. What should I wear or bring to the courses?

DO NOT bring any firearms, ammunition or real weaponry to our classes.

Train how you will fight! The key to this rule is to practice the same way as you be in the real world.For civilians, this means you can wear whatever you normally wear. If you want to practice drawing from your purse, then bring your purse! If you wear outer layers of clothing like sweaters or jackets bring them and practice with them on. We ask that you wear closed toed athletic type shoes in the range area.

For professionals, or for civilians who want to practice more advanced tactical skills, wear your duty clothes, BDU/ACU’s, plate carriers, chest rigs, battle belts, ballistic helmets, etc.