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Chris H (CJ).

CJ is an experienced firearms instructor. He has worked as a Law Enforcement trainer and specializes in firearms manipulation, active shooter response, counter-terrorism and protection courses. He is extremely well versed in close quarters tactics including SWAT and teaches advanced shooting skills that include shooting on the move, from cover and from vehicles. His skill set and teaching style is perfect for the Tactical Prep classes.



Ronin is an Army veteran and a graduate of (and former instructor at) the US Army Ranger school. He has instructed small arms weapons and tactics for decades. After his military service, he served as a corrections officer, police officer, and private military contractor with tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. One of Ronin’s roles at Tactical Prep is to bridge the gap between hand-to-hand skills and close quarters firearms skills.


Paul P.

Paul is the Director of Law Enforcement Training for The American Police Hall of Fame and a nationally recognized trainer/ subject matter expert on military, police and security related issues. Paul retired from the 10th Special Forces Group and was designated as a SOCOM hand to hand combat instructor. Paul is also a graduate of three different police academies and has served as a police officer in three different states.


Paul is the CEO of Assault Counter Tactics and is the lead firearms instructor for American Warrior.  Paul was named as the 2012 Law Enforcement & Military Tactical Trainer of Year. Paul writes for a variety of magazines such as Police, Concealed Carry, Combat Handguns, SWAT, GLOCK, Black Belt, The Chief of Police Magazine and many other self-defense publications. Plus, Paul is a nice guy and a firm believer and supporter of the Tactical Prep Mission. (For a full write up click here.)

Pete W.

Pete has decades of law enforcement experience as a patrol officer, department training coordinator, and SWAT team leader/trainer. Pete is a Certified FDLE training instructor and has completed dozens of train-the-trainer courses including the covenanted Reality Based Training Instructor course offered by Ken Murray.


Greg P. 

A graduate of the U.S. Army Ranger School. Nearly 3 decades of experience in special operations, defense contracting, and asset protection. More recently, Greg worked as a force protection specialist in Afghanistan and Iraq and as Federal Law Enforcement/DOD Tactical Trainer. 


Rich G.

Rich is a former Navy SEAL (Graduate of Bud/s Class 236 in Oct. 2001). Rich has a very simple and practical approach to his training techniques that make his training easy to grasp and fun to learn, regardless of your fitness level or training goals. In addition, Rich is a trainer and advisor for the Mid-Atlantic Tactical Officers Association (M.A.T.O.A.). He provides tactical courses and advanced sniper courses for SWAT Teams, troopers, US Marshalls, and other branches of law enforcement.


Harvey E. 

Former Law enforcement officer, SWAT Team Commander, Department Firearms Instructor and armorer. Retired Army LieutenantColonel, former Special Operations Command, Troop Commander, and Operations Officer. NRA Instructor/Range Safety Officer.


Keith E.

Keith has been involved with firearms and has been an avid shooter for close to 3 decades. He is an NRA certified instructor as well as a Glock certified armorer. Shooting is Keith’s passion, and he strives to provide his students with a safe, fun environment in which to learn.

NRA Instructor

Steve A.

In the Marine Corps Steve was deployed to various regions including the Middle East and Africa.  Afterwards, Steve spent 10 years in state law enforcement working criminal interdiction, law enforcement instruction, and SWAT operations.  Steve has trained with many well-known and high profile trainers and has an extensive background in executive protection. 

Steve continues to work with high profile clients, and has received extensive high threat and close protection training from some of the most respected institutions in the U.S. and Israel.  In recent years, Steve has provided advice and training to local forces in Iraq, Kurdistan and other high treat theaters’ in the middle east. 


Derwin B.

Derwin is an Army veteran and is currently an officer with one of the premier law enforcement agencies in FL. He has over 30 years of experience in antiterrorism, security, and law enforcement including extensive global experience (Five Continents). Derwin has worked in gang enforcement/investigation, undercover operations, and SWAT team operations.  Derwin is a Certified FDLE training instructor.  


Andrea (Andy) T. 

Andy realized the importance of self-protection when her family experienced the trauma of an armed robbery. Since then, Andy became an NRA and USCCA Instructor. She is certified to teach the SAFE class through the National Self Defense Institute, and is an adjunct trainer for Assault Counter Tactics and the WAVE (Women Against Violence Everywhere) Program.

NRA Instructor