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  • Tactical Preparation USA Inc has teamed up with several reputable Live Fire Tactical Training Firms in the area to provide our a safe, reliable and effective live-fire training option.
  • We have chosen to partner with these particular providers for numerous reasons.
  • First these providers have a similar self-defense (not marksmanship) mindset.
  • Second, these providers understand the limitations of traditional range shooting and have proven their ability to safely train students “outside the box”.
  • One thing is for sure, don’t expect to stand and shoot from a bench in these classes!


ACT is a Central FL based tactical training firm with a National reputation. ACT trains Law Enforcement Officers, Military Contractors, and Active Duty personnel.

The training is offered in a world class indoor facility just 30 minutes east from downtown Orlando. 

The  instructor is Paul Pawela is the Director of Law Enforcement Training and is a nationally recognized trainer/ subject matter expert on military, police and security related issues.

Paul retired from the 10th Special Forces Group and was designated as a SOCOM hand to hand combat instructor. Paul was named as the 2012 Law Enforcement &Military Tactical Trainer of Year. 


Do you want to move, shoot and communicate like a Special Operator?

Join Veteran Navy SEAL and Special Tactics Instructor, Rich Graham, in a private, 360° outdoor shooting environment designed to give you a realistic and unique training experience that you have come to expect at Tactical Preparation.

These courses will challenge you to multi-task, communicate, make decisions, and operate your firearm in a realistic and self-defense encounter.


Self-defense and firearms training and preparation involves 3 separate but related aspects.

  1. You need to practice manipulating your gun. This includes hearing the bang, feeling the recoil and shooting lead downrange.
  2. You need to practice basic hand-to-hand skills to fight off the bad guys until you can get your gun into the fight.
  3. Finally, you need to practice your skills under stress doing the reality based “force-on-force” methods that Tactical Prep is known for.


These providers charges different prices for different courses based on scope and length. As a  customer of Tactical Prep you will be getting a slightly discounted price from their list pricing. The easiest  thing to do is check out our live fire calendar for descriptions and pricing. (THESE COURSES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE TACTICAL PREP MEMBERSHIPS!)