Prepping and Self-Reliance

Prepping and Self-Reliance

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Prepping and Self-Reliance


When you think of “prepping” or “preppers”, do crazy images of bunkers, tin foil hats, and insane armories pop into your mind?

Although certain parts of the prepping (aka self-reliance) community has that element, there are millions of other people, just like you and me who should be classified as preppers. In reality, prepping simply means making plans and preparations to care of yourself and your family in the event of a disaster.  Similar to a business continuity plan for companies and institutions, prepping is a “business continuity plan” for you and your family.

What is prepping?
Why prep?
Why prep?


The government at all levels preps, big and small businesses prep, yet most families couldn’t survive longer than 2 days without outside assistance. Think about it. What if a big storm, like were to hit your area?  How would you and your family fare without power? Do you have at least 1.5 gallons of water a day per person? How would you cook your food? If you get your water from a well how would you get it without electricity? Does this effect your ability to flush your toilets?

We are not talking about a zombie apocalypse, or some unlikely Solar Flare/EMP thing which knocks out the power to the entire world. We are simply talking about a storm. My guess is that most Americans could not last without some form of outside assistance, or a trip to the supermarket for 2 days. How about the people effected by the Don Pedro Dam collapse in Northern California in 2017? Or the wildfires which happen every year across the country? What would you do if you got the warning alert to evacuate and only had 1 hour to pack up. What would you bring? Where would you go?

Prepping is not just for those tinfoil hat wearing crazies (no offence if your reading this). It’s about giving you peace of mind that you and your family will be OK. It doesn’t matter what the emergency is, or what caused it, providing for you and your family simply makes sense. Why wait until a catastrophic event until you think about how you will protect your family?


When I started to prep for my family I got this question from my wife. Prepping will take lots of time and resources, especially upfront.

The decision to prep is a risk/reward decision. What if you prep, but a disaster never happens? Is it a waste your money and time?

Prepping is very similar to insurance. You have homeowner’s insurance because you want to protect your assets, not because you want your house to burn down. Similarly, you would be foolish to want a disaster to affect your family just so you can prove that you were right and everyone else was wrong. That’s insane!

When you start to think of your preparations as insurance, you’ll realize that from a truly risk/reward perspective you actually get a pretty good return on your investment even if nothing happens. For example, unlike your insurance policy, which is rarely used by most homeowners in the US, the food you buy today for your emergency storage can be eaten later. From a strictly financial perspective, when you buy food now you actually lock in today’s food prices which will save you in the long run.  

Consider this. If you asked a homeowner if they were glad they had insurance after a flood or fire destroyed their home, they would most definitely say yes. If you asked those effected by emergencies and a disaster if they were glad they had plans and preparations the answer would be the same.

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Of course, that does not mean everyone has the financial means to buy a 22kW solar panel system with a battery backup, or an underground bunker, and a $95,000 off road RV. It is neither realistic nor is it necessary! Everyone, no matter how limited your resources, can start to plan and prepare.Prepping is not about buying cool gadgets, it is about developing a mindset.


How Can Tactical Preparation USA Inc Help Me Prep?

There is so much information available on prepping that with the right amount of time you’ll likely be able to research everything you need. The benefit of our prepping and self-reliance seminars however is that we have done the research and simplified the topics so that you and your family can spend your valuable time preparing rather than researching. With each seminar, you receive an implementation checklist and a list of products that we recommend based on our research or our testing. Our seminars are designed to be simple and quickly implementable. Plus, the information provided may save you money and help you eliminate the risk of buying things that are worthless.


We are based in Orlando FL so naturally we are opening up our classroom facility to anyone who wants to attend our seminars in person. More likely though, you’ll probably want to attend these seminars online as a “webinar”. Whether in person or online you get the same knowledge, presentation, handouts, and you have the ability to ask questions.

To view our training calendar or to register for our next seminar click here.


Our seminars are usually 1 to 2 hours in length. They are so packed with useful content that you won’t even know where the time went!



The prepper community is conflicted. On the one hand, they tell you not to tell others about your preps for fear that you’ll become a target for desperate thieves. On the other hand, preppers always seem to tell you how advanced their preps are. It’s strange! With that said, we are aware that some people are pretty advanced and others are beginners. Although we do have ultra-advanced seminar topics, most of our seminars are for those just starting and progressing in their preparations. No matter what your level of expertise, there is really no risk to attend. We guarantee that you will learn at least one thing in the seminar or else we will give your money back. No questions asked! View it here.