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Defensive Training for Civilians


Pistol Training

Shooting at paper targets at the range does not prepare you for real-life self-defense situations. You must learn how to fight with your firearm.


Rifle Training

If your personal defense plan includes an AR-15 you must ensure that you are proficient with it. Learn how to fight with your rifle.

Advanced Training

Advanced Training

If you’re not training with Force-on-Force and Hand-to-Hand, then you’re not training. Maybe you’re not as prepared as you think you are.

Live-Fire Training

Live Fire Training is important. However, standard square gun ranges are unrealistic. Experience your weapon under realistic circumstances. 

Are You Tactically Prepared?

Being prepared requires a combination of Force-on-Force, Hand-to-Hand, and Live-Fire Training. If you’re missing any one of these elements, you’re likely not going to be prepared for the violence of a life-threatening encounter.

Self Defense Training