Advanced Force on Force Sessions

Advanced Defensive “Force-on-Force” Sessions

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Advanced Defensive “Force-on-Force” Sessions

Advanced Force on Force Sessions



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What is covered in these sessions?

  • Most of the time will be spent pushing the limits of firearm manipulation and speed of engagement with practical force-on-force scenarios.
  • Each day is different, and like all of or training the instructor has the ability to customize the course content and direction based on your needs and/or requests.

Who should take these reoccurring sessions?

Anyone who would like the opportunity to practice their skills and continuously push them to the next level should consider taking our Advanced Defensive Sessions. These sessions are similar to taking weekly or bi-weekly martial arts training at your local dojo. They are very light on classroom style instruction and very heavy on practicing skills and building judgment.

What is the prerequisite for this session?

You can take these sessions if you have completed our Level 2 OR 3 pistol courses.

How does payment for these sessions work?

You can drop into these classes or purchase them as a monthly package saving you about 50% of the costs of the drop-in fees.

What to bring?

All training equipment, will be provided for this class including non-projectile pistols and rifles. View the Armory. If you would like to bring your gear, holsters, chest rigs, battle belts, plate carriers, etc… feel free. Please DO NOT bring any firearms or any ammunition to the class. We want you to train how you fight!

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