Close Quarters Self Defense & Hand-to-Hand

Close Quarters Self Defense & Hand-to-Hand

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Close Quarters Self Defense & Hand-to-Hand

Close Quarters Self Defense



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Do you want to:

  • Defend yourself
  • Learn simple but brutally effective hand-to-hand combat skills
  • Learn weapons defense, firearm retention, and disarming techniques
  • Integrate hand-to-hand combat with defensive firearm tactics
  • Practice self defense skills using real-life scenarios

Learn NO non-sense combative skills from martial arts experts, including our lead instructor, a Former Army Ranger and Police Combatives Instructor.

The Self-Defense/ Martial Arts Dilemma:

  • Let’s face it, there are dozens if not hundreds of martial arts styles and variations.
  • No matter who you talk to “their art is the best” for whatever reason.

In reality, you probably don’t want to get into a real fight… and, you probably don’t want to spend decades mastering a martial art!

You just want to learn simple, effective techniques to defend yourself long enough to either get away or to get your gun in the fight.

Today’s Bad Guy:

Fighting fair is not a word you hear often anymore. In reality, you’ll be dealing with surprise attacks, multiple attackers, armed assailants, and downright evil people who will kill you for your phone, shoes or for the change in your pocket.

Benefits and Limitations of Firearms for Self Defense:

  • Many people choose to arm themselves with a firearm because a gun is the great equalizer. It offers any person, regardless of age, sex, and strength, the ability to deliver deadly force.
  • The problem is, that too many people assume that the possession of a firearm will guarantee their personal safety. You need to consider your plan if you are being attacked and can’t get to your firearm. What then?

Blended Hand-to-Hand and Firearms Skills:

  • This Close Quarters Survival, Self-Defense, and Hand-to-Hand Combat training is designed to bridge the gap between “tactical shooting” and “hand-to-hand combat”.
  • The goal of these classes is to fight off the attacker(s) long enough to get away or to get your firearm into the fight. In these sessions you’ll learn  and master:
    • Situational awareness techniques
    • Verbal commands
    • Distractors and managing distance
    • Open handed defense including strikes and blocks
    • Take downs
    • Grappling and ground techniques
    • Weapons disarms (gun, knife, etc)
    • Weapon retention
    • Close quarters shooting
    • Plus, you’ll get to participate in actual force-on-force scenarios blending verbal, hand-to-hand and shooting techniques

What Style is this Class?

  • This is NO non-sense practical self-defense. Survival is the only style needed in a real-life situation. All that matters is that you focus on threat neutralization, and brutal effectiveness.
  • You’ll find these classes to be a pragmatic approach to self-defense, bypassing the time-wasting drills of other fighting styles, and giving you the tools necessary to quickly end a street confrontation.
  • Also, what makes Tactical Prep different from any martial arts school or tactical shooting company is our ability to combine hand-to-hand and shooting skills into reality based “Force-on-Force” scenarios and drills.

Is this too intense for me?

  • This sounds pretty intense but we can assure you that we are not in the business to intimidate or harm any students. If you know anything about Tactical Preparation we are extremely safety conscious. No matter what your skill level each class will cover simple skills starting slowly and progressively moving at more realistic speeds.

How long is the class?

  • Each class is at least 2 hours in length.

How often are these classes?

  • We offer this class at least two or three times a month but as demand increases we plan on offering more.
  • Keep in mind that this is not a once and done type of class. These classes are designed to give you the opportunity to continuously learn and push your skills to the next level.

Is each class the same?

  • No, each class covers different skills, and the class skills do not build on each other, so you can start at any point.
  • Check the course description on each individual event to see what specific skill will be covered during that session.

What to bring/wear?

  • All training equipment, will be provided for this class including a variety of simulated weapons, pads, training equipment, etc..
  • Clothes: Train how you will fight! The key to this rule is to practice the same way as you be in the real world.
  • Shoes: Wear closed toed athletic type shoes.

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