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At-Home Defense Training and Consulting

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At-Home Defense Training and Consulting

For those who really want to test their ability to defend their home, we offer Force on Force Training and Consulting at your home.


  • Upon arrival, we will walk with you though your home to discuss your existing home security precautions and to discuss techniques that can be used to fortify your home defenses so that you can avoid/deter potential situations.
  • We will then review your firearm selection, and discuss considerations needed to avoid harming one of your loved ones (i.e. children).
  • Finally, we’ll discuss the roles of each person in the home during an event.

1 Hour



  • Same as Option 1, plus:
  • We will discuss low-level light tactics and practice room to room clearing.
  • Then using our non-projectile firearms, our instructor will enter your home for force-on-force scenarios.
  • You and your family will have to respond accordingly.

2 Hours


How do I sign up for this service?

Click the button above and fill out the form to contact our office. We will coordinate a time and place for your training.

Should our kids be home during the training?

This is 100% your call. If your kids are old enough to understand what is going on, then by all means let’s get them involved. If you have toddlers or preschoolers, then consider the terror that this may cause them. Just a thought!

Will this make a mess of my house?

Nope. All of the firearms used will be our unique force on force firearms which use an Invisible IR beam to activate each person’s vest. You find more information about the equipment here. View the Armory.