Self-Defense Pistol Training Level 1

Self-Defense Pistol Level 1

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Self-Defense Pistol Level 1

Self-Defense Pistol Level 1 including Florida CWL



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Reminder: The Pistol Level 1 Class is the Concealed Weapons License Course (2 hours) PLUS the Defensive Handgun Tactics & Techniques course (2 hours).

What is covered in the course?

  • The FIRST HALF (2 hours) of our Self Defense Pistol Level 1 course covers the same elements as the stand alone CWL class.
    • Firearms Safety
    • Legalities (FL Statutes)
    • Innovative shoot/no shoot decision making lesson.
  • The SECOND HALF (2 hours) of the Self Defense Pistol Level 1 Class teaches you how to use your firearm effectively in actual self-defense situations.
    • Recognize your threat (Situational awareness, early recognition, body language, etc)
    • Draw (Effectively present a weapon from a holster or from concealed position)
    • Move (Aggressive, lateral and tactical movements)
    • Find Cover (Use cover and concealment effectively)
    • Communicate (Use simple and effective verbal commands to deter your attacker)
    • Shoot (If necessary, make every shot count! Learn to quickly neutralize multiple targets in real life scenarios)

What you will be able to do after completing the Level 1 Pistol class?

  1. Meet the Florida Requirements for CWL training and provide a certificate
  2. Demonstrate muzzle discipline in crowded situations 
  3. Issue simple and effective verbal commands to aggressors
  4. Draw from holsters (concealed and not concealed) and engage stationary and moving aggressors
  5. Move in all directions while engaging stationary and moving aggressor
  6. Find cover and concealment and shoot from behind barriers
  7. Shoot from non-traditional shooting positions (kneeling, on back, on side, etc.)
  8. Clear malfunctions and reload a semiautomatic pistol
  9. There is no other Concealed Weapons License training provider that has the technical and physical capabilities to do this type of training.
  10. Upon successful completion, of our Self Defense Pistol Level 1 class you get a certificate and easy to follow instructions needed to apply for your Florida CWL (which is recognized in 35 other states).

What is the prerequisite for this course?

There is no prerequisite for this course other than a basic level of comfort around firearms. We invite everyone to participate in this class. 

(Note: There are eligibilty requirements for obtaining a CWL.)

Who should take this course?

Take this course if you want to obtain a FL Concealed Weapons License (CWL) and if you want to improve your defensive skills.  The Level 1 pistol course is not designed for experienced shooters. Experienced shooters can probably skip to Level 2.

What is the length of this Course?

4-hours including classroom and hands-on non-projectile (infrared) range time.

What to bring?

All training equipment, will be provided for this class including a live fire pistol, and use of our IR Pistol. for use during your self-defense training.  View our Armory. If you have a favorite holster and/or mag pouch that you want to train with feel free to bring it. Please DO NOT bring any firearms or any ammunition to the class.