Self-Defense Pistol Training Level 2

Self-Defense Pistol Level 2

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Self-Defense Pistol Level 2



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What is covered in the course?

  • This course reviews the fundamentals of modern defensive shooting, handgun familiarization, and safe firearms handling techniques covered in Level 1.
  • Situational awareness, threat recognition and deadly force issues/outcomes.
  • On the non-projectile range, you will begin to master drawing from a holster, ready position, grip, trigger management, and sight alignment. View Our FAQ’s.
  • You will practice reloading techniques, malfunction clearing, and shooting on-the-move.
  • As you progress through the skills you will learn and practice off hand shooting, selection of cover and concealment, use of space, and practice force on force shoot/no-shoot decision making exercises.
  • The course will wrap up with a self-assessment of your mindset and your personal ability/confidence.

What you will be able to do after completing the Level 2 Pistol class?

  1. Effectively clear complex malfunctions and quickly reload
  2. Demonstrate muzzle discipline in crowded and chaotic situations 
  3. Shoot/no-shoot decision making situations with verbal commands and moving aggressors
  4. Draw from holsters (Concealed and not concealed) and engage multiple stationary and moving aggressors
  5. Move in all directions while engaging multiple stationary and moving aggressors
  6. Shoot from non-traditional shooting positions (kneeling, on back, on side, etc.)
  7. Shooting from sitting position at a table
  8. Effectively find cover and concealment and shoot from behind barriers
  9. Shooting and reloading with your offhand
  10. Beginner “force-on-force” scenarios requiring you to use your knowledge, skills, and ultimately your judgement

What is the prerequisite for this course?

You can take this course if you have completed our Level 1 Pistol Course, or if you consider yourself to be an experienced shooter.

Who should take this course?

Anyone who owns a pistol and wants to improve their defensive skills beyond the skills covered in Level 1. 

What is the length of this Course?

4-hours including classroom and non-projectile range time.

What to bring?

All training equipment, will be provided for this class including our IR Pistol. View our Armory. If you have a favorite holster and/or mag pouch that you want to train with feel free to bring it. Please DO NOT bring any firearms or any ammunition to the class.