Self-Defense Rifle Training Level 3

Self-Defense Rifle Level 3

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Self-Defense Rifle Level 3

Self-Defense Rifle Level 3



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What is covered in the course?

  • This course reviews situational awareness, threat recognition and deadly force issues/outcomes.
  • Basic firearms safety practices are expected at all times.
  • On the non-projectile range, we will push the limits of firearm manipulation, speed of engagement with practical force-on-force scenarios.
    • Afterwards you’ll learn low light shooting techniques including hands-on use and comparison of various types of firearm mounted lights. (If you have a light that you want to practice with please bring it!) 
    • You will be able to practice low light force-on-force exercises in our training environment and kill house. View Our FAQ’s.
  • The course will wrap up with a self-assessment of your mindset and your personal ability/confidence.

What you will be able to do after completing the Level 3 Rifle class?

  1. Quick and effective reloads and malfunction clearance capabilities.
  2. Walk shoot at multiple stationary and moving aggressors at various distances and in different shooting positions.
  3. Shooting from non-traditional shooting positions (kneeling, on back, on side, etc.) with multiple stationary and moving aggressors.
  4. Demonstrate quick and effective shooting skills from non-traditional shooting positions (kneeling, on back, on side, etc.) with multiple stationary and moving aggressors.
  5. Effectively find cover and concealment and shoot from behind barriers using non-traditional shooting positions (kneeling, on back, on side, etc.).
  6. Shooting and reloading drills using your weakside
  7. Transition to secondary weapon system (i.e. rifle to pistol transitions).
  8. Structure/room clearing techniques using your rifle.
  9. Low light/flashlight technique.
  10. “Force-on-force” scenarios requiring you to use your knowledge, skills, and ultimately your judgment.

What is the prerequisite for this course?

You can take this course if you have completed our Level 2 Rifle course. Keep in mind that our rifles are the same size and weight as a full-sized M4/M16/AR15 so those who lack the stretch to handle 10lbs safely should not take this class.

Who should take this course?

If you want to truly master yourself-defensive rifle skills then this is the course for you.

What is the length of this Course?

4-hours including classroom and non-projectile range time.

What to bring?

All training equipment, will be provided for this class including a non-projectile AR-15. View the Armory. Please DO NOT bring any firearms or any ammunition to the class. If you have a favorite sling, and/or mag pouch that you want to train with feel free to bring it. Also, bring your rifle mounted light or laser that you want to use for the low light portion of the course. Our rifles have a standard picatinny quad rails so most lights will slide right on to them.